By: Virgilio N. LAGUITAO

Photos by: L.A. GETZ

Saturday, 10:35 A.M.   “Finally, the pen has streaked signatures all over the paper!”   On June 20, 2020, Dimiao Local Chief Executive, Randolph L. Ang and Malijao Punong Barangay (PB) Jerry Acla formally signed the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) for the Construction of Level II Water Systems Project (Malijao Spring Source) at said barangay’s very own hall.    The event itself was modest, devoid of any flourish.   


After the preliminaries from PB Acla, Municipal Mayor Ang proceeded to inform the audience on some of the MOA’s salient points, which included, the 1) purchase of a new ramp pump and electric water pump in place of the old, defective units; 2) granting lifetime full control to Barangay Malijao over the water supply from the cistern; 3) exclusion from payment of monthly water dues to the Treasury of the LGU for all Malijaonons; 4) entitlement of said barangay to a 30% share of the LGU’s net water works income from the 19 barangay recipients of such water supply; 5) highly prioritized provision of a functional Level III water works system over the [same] other 19 recipient barangays; and, 6) annual conduct of a tree planting program within the Malijao Spring Watershed Area to mitigate soil erosion and water depletion.  

At about 10:55 A.M., the MOA signing took place, witnessed by Malijaonon residents and officials, and a number of LGU representatives, like Municipal Engineer Joel B. Dahiroc and Municipal Civil Registrar Estrella T. Guzon.  SB-Dimiao Members Aniceta C. Ucang, Evelyn B. Gamayon, Arsenio L. Maglente, Jr., Noel Hamlag, Hon. Jessmer Q. Llubit, and Ervie S. Visarra, who chairs the Committee on

Public Works and Infrastructure, also witnessed this history-in-the-making event. 

Many regarded the event as auspicious and a real triumph for both the LGU and Barangay Malijao, especially as the project already underwent various funding from the national government’s Local Government Support Fund Programs—i.e., Bottom-Up Budgeting (LGSF – BUB, FY 2016), Assistance to Disadvantaged Municipalities (LGSF – ADM, FY 2017), and Assistance to Municipalities (LGSF – AM, FY 2018).  

In his speech, Mayor Ang emphasized that the water needs of Barangay Malijao shall always take precedence over those of the other 19 barangay water recipients—in view of said barangay’s territorial jurisdiction over the Malijao Spring, and in gratitude to the Malijaonon’s cooperation to the project.   Mayor Ang ended his message by expressing his hopes that the said project/event becomes the start of a very strong partnership between Barangay Malijao and the LGU.

To cap the occasion, PB Acla and his people served out a scrumptious lunch of rice, grilled native chicken, and native chicken stewed in coconut milk.

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