Key Officials

Municipal Officials 2019-2021

Mayor : Ang, King
Vice Mayor : Lagua, Berting
SB Members: : Paluga, Jessie
Ucang, Cita
Hamlag, Noel
Gamayon, Belyn
Hambora, Rogelio
Maglente, Arsenio Jr
Visarra, Ervie
Llubit, Jessmer

About Dimiao

Dimiao is located on the southern coast of the province. How it got its name is not known It is one of the oldest municipalities which had a population of 8,820 in 1897. This town used to occupy a large territory which included Valencia and Lila.The town was organized during the Spanish regime and was then one of the 34 towns in the province in 1879. It had a population of 5,030.



It is envision that Dimiao will be a prime agri-eco-cultural tourist destination in Bohol, where God-centered people freely enjoy an advanced and stable economy, founded on sustainable agriculture, ecologically balanced environment, politically empowered constituency, globally competitive human resources, and well nurtured culture and arts.
Its mission is to harness its human resources in all sectors of the municipality in order to develop and improve the living conditions of its constituency; to provide employment opportunities for the welfare of the general public; to preserve and enhance the town’s cultural heritage; and to promote development without sacrificing its environment.

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