Surrounded with unique waterfalls to choose from. And also some eye-catching view on top of the hill.

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Pahangog Twin Falls & Caverns

 Barangay Guingoyuran

Just when everyone in the world is cynical about “FOREVER”, here comes a sparkling waterfall in the midst of a lush, virginal paradise pouring out water together with its soulmate – FOR ETERNITY…

Dam-agan Falls

 Barangay Catugasan

The term ‘dam-ag’ (and even Bo’l-anon) for ‘stumble’… and feel free to stumble, fall head over heels onto this lovely paradise equipped with a unique zigzag waterfall.

Ipo Falls

 Barangay Catugasan

If Dam-agan Falls is not enough for you… well, splash on to Dam-agan’s neighbor, Ipo Falls. Just as lovely!

Ingkumhan Falls

 Barangay Bauhugan

Trekkers and tourists beware! Going down to where Ingkumhan Falls is may be easy, but coming back up is surely a pain extraordinaire to the human body… but what pain could hold a candle to the dazzling joy of beholding this hidden paradise of a waterfall.

Dimiao Rondalla

Enjoying acclaim both national and world-wide…

Where mesmerizing musicemanates from a couple of strings, and a handful of Dimiao’s gifted young musicians.

The 17th Century-old Stone Church San Nicholas De Tolentino

Barangay Poblacion, Dimiao

A haven for Dimiao’s deeply religious people.
Currently undergoing restoration (courtesy of the National Heritage Institute) after the devastations it suffered from the 2017 7.2-magnitude earthquake

Ermita Ruins

Barangay Poblacion, Dimiao

Thought of, for a time, as a military fortress, this array or square of honey-combed tombs had once served as a place of repose for the bones of the dead of generations past…

Badiang Peak

Barangay Baguhan, Dimiao

It may not have heaps of clouds at the top, but this may just be Dimiao’s closest approximation to a “Stairway to Heaven”. Just savor the 360-degree panoramic view and pay close attention to the island of Camiguin which can be seen here down south to the horizon and which resembles Batman’s head on a clear day.

Agro-Experimental Farm

Barangay Baguhan Dimiao

Ideal for biking, hiking, and horseback riding, this 140-hectare is home to various trees and other plants, the greenness of which is more than enough to sooth even the most jaded of minds, bodies, and souls.

Catugasan Peak

Barangay Catugasan, Dimiao

Here, you will get to sing Miley Cyrus’s “The Climb”. First it’s a 300-meter arduous, challenging climb. Then, one gets rewarded with a scenic view of Dimiao’s lowlands upon reaching the top.

Dimiao Chocolate Hills

Barangay Oac, Dimiao

The town of Carmen, Bohol may be best known for it, but Dimiao also has its share of these gigantic brown, breast-like limestone mounds so breathtaking to look at.

MacArthur’s Cap

The MacArthur’s Cap is a rock formation resembling an army officer’s cap that one encounters when entering the town of Dimiao. The rock formation has become an emblem and called such at the successful return of General Douglas MacArthur, upon the defeat of the Japanese Army during World War II.